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Insurance and reinsurance in the U.S. and Bermuda

Inspire trust and confidence in your clients

Hanson & Molloy PLLC has created a focused niche in the legal world. The firm provides legal counsel for businesses to find proper insurance coverage and ensures that the firm’s insurance company clients are reinsured effectively.

Why you need insurance on your business

Insurance is critical for your business. When you are covered by insurance, you operate a more stable, secure business, because you have another company’s resources at your disposal. Having these additional assets available gives your company greater flexibility and more credibility when conducting business.

Reinsurance attorneys for insurance companies

Your business is supporting other businesses when they take a hit. Consider retaining the same protection for your own company.

Reinsurance can help your insurance company soften the blow of large losses. You can pool your assets with those of a reinsurer (cedant), giving you a safety net to offer policyholders higher-risk plans, so you can market to a new audience.

Reinsurance also inspires confidence in your company’s clients and stakeholders by diversifying and stabilizing your risk portfolio. Your policyholders know that you are able to pay out on claims when needed, and stakeholders know you will not compromise the bottom line doing it.

Doing business in Bermuda

According to the Association of Bermuda International Companies, nearly all the major companies in the world have main offices in Bermuda. It is a secure and respected place to domicile your business, and you need an attorney well versed in Bermuda and United States business and tax laws to make this corporate move a reality for your company.

The Bermuda Monetary Authority screens companies looking to establish operations in Bermuda. Hanson & Molloy helps you prepare for and pass the necessary tests to begin a financially beneficial presence on the island.

Contact Hanson & Molloy PLLC for onshore, offshore, insurance, and reinsurance matters

Contact Hanson & Molloy PLLC to retain skilled, experienced legal counsel for setting up your business in Bermuda and handling your onshore litigation matters. Hanson & Molloy PLLC helps businesses in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia as well as Bermuda. The firm’s attorneys concentrate on insurance, reinsurance, and general commercial litigation to serve as your United States in-house counsel. Call the firm at 202-833-9300 for professional legal representation for your business’s legal affairs.

Trust and estate litigation

Washington, DC attorneys helping you attain entitlements

The reading of a will and the probate process can seem strikingly cold after the loss of a loved one. Still, this is the time when you hear the decedent’s last wishes. This process usually runs smoothly, but conflicts among beneficiaries and grounds to dispute the will, trust, and other estate administration documents can erupt. Here, Hanson & Molloy PLLC attorneys can step in to help you with any aspect of estate litigation:

  • Will contests
  • Trust and trustee disputes
  • Disputes among beneficiaries
  • Estate administration
  • Accounting issues
  • Estate litigation
  • Probate litigation

Arguing your side in your time of grief

Disagreements and will contests take many forms, and Hanson & Molloy PLLC attorneys uncover their root causes.

  • Lack of mental capacity of person signing the will
  • Deathbed wills
  • Lack of clarity in bank trust departments’ transfer of assets

Hanson & Molloy PLLC explains the documentation and accounts for the stewardship of the documents and wealth transfer. The lawyers find your missing documents and help you figure out the evolution of your loved one’s will. If the last iteration was finalized on your loved one’s deathbed or with questionable mental health, you may have a case.

Ensure your rightful inheritance

Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia residents can turn to the law firm of Hanson & Molloy PLLC to help restore a loved one’s rightful legacy. The firm’s attorneys listen to your unique situation, conduct thorough research, and defend your rights. Hanson & Molloy PLLC lawyers make sure your loved one’s wishes are carried out properly, and that your interests are represented in this difficult process. Call the firm at 202-833-9300 or contact Hanson & Molloy PLLC online to retain vigorous, tactful legal representation in your estate administration case.

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