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Hanson & Molloy PLLC’s legal practice concentrates on business law, insurance and reinsurance law, U.S. legal counsel for Bermuda-based companies, and estate litigation. These areas often inspire questions from clients. Please see the frequently asked questions and answers below for more insight into your case.

Offshore business

Estate litigation

Focused experience. Effective representation.

Hanson & Molloy PLLC prides itself on its legal service. The attorneys’ depth of experience in commercial litigation, insurance and reinsurance, and trust and estate litigation allows them to concentrate on the specifics of your case. The firm serves DC, Virginia, and Maryland residents and business with professionalism and skill. Call the firm for legal representation at 202-833-9300 or contact Hanson & Molloy PLLC online today.

I want to start a business offshore. Why Bermuda?

The cost of doing business in Bermuda is very low—the island levies no taxes on businesses or on personal income. Companies can expect low annual fees and payroll taxes, but nothing extravagant. Companies have headquartered in Bermuda for many years because of its corporate friendliness and stable politics. The global market respects Bermuda as one of the top insurance centers in the world.

How do I set up a business in Bermuda?

You must file for a license to register your company with the Minister of Finance. Stipulations of this license forbid certain business activities, including doing business in Bermuda—your license will most likely grant you the ability to operate your company from Bermuda. Applications for business license then go to the Bermuda Monetary Authority, which conducts an internal review and an additional independent review. For help navigating this process, contact Hanson & Molloy PLLC. This firm has over 25 years of experience helping companies establish domicile offices in Bermuda.

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Who is eligible to contest a will?

Anyone with legal standing—legal interest—can contest a will. Children, grandchildren, spouses, and other family members have grounds to challenge the validity of a will.

How do I contest a will?

If you have legal standing and a reason to challenge the will, you must file an objection with probate court as soon as possible. The court schedules a hearing, and your attorney pleads your case at this hearing, sometimes called an appeal. Hanson & Molloy PLLC lawyers are experienced in will contest protocol in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Contact the firm for more information about how to challenge estate administration.

What is a deathbed will? Is it a valid document?

A deathbed will is a will that was created or amended while the will’s author—testator—is very ill and close to dying. These wills are often drafted in a rush so the testator can sign it, leaving room for errors and question of the testator’s mental capacity. The haste can make for solid contests to the will’s validity; and probate court may deem the will invalid. Then, property is divided according to an earlier draft of the will.

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